Katie Penk

Admissions Counselor, Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Minnesota

I was originally attracted to the industry because I found it was the perfect combination of artistry and human connection. I especially love the creativity in short hair cutting. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 10 years.

My favorite thing about educating at PCI is the flexibility in individual student learning and growth. We recognize everyone as individuals and through that we grow confidence in people to embrace who they are. We help them see the strengths they bring to the industry. I’ve experienced this myself as well as facilitating it for many students.

Outside of the beauty industry, I love the outdoors. On the weekends you will probably find me in the Minnesota River Valley or on the North Shore hiking, biking or kayaking.

Having the courage to explore and try new experiences is one of the most valuable things I have gained from working at PCI. Knowing now that no matter what transpires, there is always great value in every learning experience.