Steph Reasland

Financial Aid Advisor – Iowa

I have been in the industry directly for the past four years but have indirectly been involved in the industry my entire life as I grew up around it. I am not your typical creative artist that so many of my team members are. I love numbers and things to be in order and detailed. I am one of the owners of PCI Academy.

I work out of our corporate office doing the accounting for the school as well as out of our Financial Aid Office serving our students in that capacity. My favorite part of my two roles is being able to forecast the health of the company by looking at what we are doing currently and where we are headed. I also enjoy serving our students through helping them have a much higher income potential down the road by achieving the dreams they have today, and for some of our students, student loans allow them to do this.

I truly enjoy being able to give them a picture of where they are today and by making small, seemingly insignificant choices day-by-day, they can change the course of their life in the small amount of time that they are with us. PCI has changed my life by seeing all the change that we have all been so fortunate to help effect in all of our students’ lives. There is nothing more rewarding. I enjoy cooking, decorating and spending time with my family.