Emily Cupp

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Minnesota

I had basically given up on my dream career of being a cosmetologist and a cosmetology educator, with little to no belief in myself. But, through a series of life changes, I came in contact with someone who shared their belief in me. I went back, I grabbed hold of my dreams and disobeyed my fear of failure.

Quietly, I always aspired to teach, to mentor and inspire people the way that it was so selflessly done for me. I wanted to inspire, create, and change the outlook on beauty. And here I am! I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the beauty industry for 10 years now.

My life goal is to develop a cultural change within the beauty industry. PCI’s vision for making salon business their number one priority for future industry professionals is allowing this to be a reality for me. I’m inspired, in this way, to continue growing our students!

PCI embraced my uniqueness and gave me a strong, supportive foundation to grow. I have a second family here. I’m surrounded by people that share the same enthusiasm for the diverse culture of the beauty industry. I love my career for the variety and for the opportunities to build relationships and character through a mutual creative passion!