Back to School

Back to school in Ames relates to all ages. It seems like everyone from preschoolers to professors can be counted on to arrive at salons looking for a fresh haircut, a hair color needing repair after too much sun and wind, and the myriad of treatments for hands, feet, face and body. So what is new for back to school?

I have a black and white grade school picture from the second grade at Lowell Elementary School in Waterloo, Iowa. There I was the daughter of a successful salon owner/stylist looking like I just rolled out of bed with no thought to my hairstyle. It was a pixie and blonde but disheveled. My dress collar was pressed and neat but my hairstyle did not make a great impression.

Years later while visiting Edwards School when my daughter was there I noticed other children like myself with that same messy style, cowlick sticking straight up on the top. Seems that looks for school have always been a challenge for us as children and that may exist into adulthood as well.

So do consult your professional stylist or student stylist if you are near a school of cosmetology. They will be able to suggest an easy care look for back to school. Every year every length is in for the season. Blunt cut or tapered are always out there. The key is wearing a look even a child can manage and that leaves mom and dad proud.

The difference now is that even the youngest lady or gentleman can express her or himself in the hairstyle. You’ve seen them wear designs cut into the hair forming designs or a school mascot or number. Hair color is for both genders now. Ten year old guys wear streaks of a color not provided by nature.

No longer do professionals tell you what to wear to fit the latest fashion. They actually expect that the guest will want something individual and the stylist is prepared to create it. I couldn’t manage a fishtail braid on myself or a child daily but some parents can so go for it. Dreadlocks are worn by all cultures. And that can allow someone to go for a long period of time without daily prepping.
While not entirely new what is showing in the magazines for fall is a pixie a bit longer, a wedge cut longer in the front than the back and those fishtail braids. Color accents are trending and individuality is the key always. Design color doesn’t come in a box. You need a professional for that.

All ages require treatments to help damaged hair from summer fun recover or maybe only a cut will salvage what’s left. You’ve got less than a month to get a plan together to make a great first impression at school or work. And always consult the experts.

Reprinted by permission from Facets Magazine, a publication of Stephens Media Iowa.