A Fun Look at Fall Fashion

A Fun Look at Fall Fashion

By Mary Clare Lokken

PCI Academy - Home Slide 2Ready for a fun look at fall fashion? This fall it’s all about lips or eyes, messy or neat, bohemian retro fashion, and the individual style of the guest. I consulted two beauty experts in Ames for more about what’s new for fall. Meredith Miller and Libby Heinz are professional cosmetologists who share their takes on fall looks.

Meredith Miller, co-owner of Finesse Spa Salon, had hair, makeup and fashion “in her blood”. Her mom, Becky Jennings, was a stylist and educator for Finesse Salons and Professional Cosmetology Institute, as well as being a top notch seamstress.

Miller has been a cosmetologist for 18 years becoming an owner 12 years ago. She and her partners have continued the 56 year success of Finesse.

She explained that fashion this fall is a carryover but tweaked a bit. Middle parts continue but deep side parts are also in. French twists are back but more undone, deconstructed and messy. The twists can go down at the base instead of up.

The loose undone looks, loose waves, long ponytails low in back are just some of the styles you can update with. Ponytails can be messy or sleeked back and either type tied with leather or metal clips.

Miller commented that clothing will be soft, flowing with long cardigan styles and even some lace.

All shades of red will be hot for lip colors. Eyeliners will be graphic. Choose to focus on one or the other going with your best feature. Miller said it will be about individual style. Look for headbands textured, cloth, sparkly, leather and more worn across the forehead or from forehead to the base of the neck in back.

Libby Heinz, a stylist and educator at Serenity Couture Salon Spa, and cosmetology educator and color coach at the Aveda Institute, became a stylist “for the excitement of the job where she envied the energy of the salon and still loves it.”

Heinz attended The Salon Professional Academy (a later name for PCI) graduating nearly 6 years ago. She is now a certified Aveda color coach.

She sees a lot of 90s inspired fashions. Natural colors as well as lots of fun colors will pop in clothing. Natural lived-in style with lots of leather and plaids and a bohemian feel are the trend.

Hair is very sleek, smooth to the head, and shiny. Deep side parts coming right off the edge of the eyebrows will be new. Natural texture allows the client to wear their waves or curls with the right products to achieve the preferred style.

Heinz says eyes will be dramatic with graphic designs on the eyelids. Really dark lips in berry or red tones will be seen.

Both love to work with all types of guests. Miller says she loves when a person trusts her enough to try something new, not necessarily a drastic change but some tweaking. Heinz also enjoys the chance to help her clients make changes to their appearance.

No excuses that Ames will be out of fashion this fall when Miller and Heinz and their cohorts are in charge of our appearance.

Reprinted by permission from Facets Magazine, a publication of Stephens Media Iowa.

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