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Brady Snider

Admissions Director and Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa and Minnesota I have been a part of the beauty industry for 18 years; and it all started when I began my schooling at PCI Academy. I love helping people look better and feel better about themselves. PCI Academy has helped me grow so much as a stylist, as […] Read more


Michelle Duncan

Lead Educator, Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa I’m a very proud PCI Academy graduate, and even more proud to be lead educator and blue team coach at our Ames campus. I also have the privilege of working with our Plymouth campus education team. As a lifelong learner I’ve had the opportunity to become Redken Color Certified […] Read more

Denise Gerardy

Admissions Counselor – Minnesota I have a great love for the beauty industry and have been a part of it for 10 years. For the first year of my career, I worked underneath a barber. Next, I shifted to a salon where I stayed for 8 years. I then transitioned into their high-end French Salon, […] Read more

Sara Strouts

Licensed Cosmetology Educator, Licensed School Manager – Minnesota I have been in the beauty industry for about 20 years. Fifteen of those have been spent at PCI and I am forever changed because of it. Although I am a cosmetology educator, I have a knack for nails! And so I became the nail educator about […] Read more

Sue Schaefer

Licensed Cosmetology Educator, Licensed Esthetics Educator – Minnesota I started my career in the beauty industry at 18 years old.  I now have 38 years of experience to share with PCI students. I love being an educator. It’s fun, exciting, and every day is filled with the opportunity to learn and create amazing looks for […] Read more


Marcella Richardson

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa I have been in the industry for 35 years and with PCI Academy for 2 years, and counting! I have been a part of Redken Artist Education for 23 years and have been a Redken Certified Haircolorist since 2006. Also, I conduct Continued Education for cosmetologists. I am knowledgeable in […] Read more

Gilbert Valdez

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Minnesota My gift for hair was passed onto me by my mother. And now I have been involved with this industry for almost 30 years. I have been featured in Chicago magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times, awarded the presidential scholarship award for cosmetology, certified a Redken Certified Colorist and a Certified […] Read more


Sarah Sahl

Licensed Cosmetology & Esthetics Educator – Iowa I have been a part of the PCI Academy team for 6 years. I graduated from PCI Academy in Ames, IA in 2004 with my cosmetology license and a passion for helping people to feel better about themselves through my art. I spent almost 5 years behind the […] Read more


Ronda Bayliss Ott

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa I knew I always wanted to do hair, but life takes you on other journeys. So, when I could finally actualize my aspirations, I came to PCI Academy. I always knew I wanted to come back here. And now I’ve had the pleasure of being in the business for eight […] Read more

Katie Penk

Admissions Counselor, Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Minnesota I was originally attracted to the industry because I found it was the perfect combination of artistry and human connection. I especially love the creativity in short hair cutting. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 10 years. My favorite thing about educating at PCI is the flexibility in […] Read more

Kate Manders

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Minnesota A family member was a salon owner growing up. I would hang out in her salon and she would send products to my family. I loved using all of the beauty products and being in the salon getting services done. I knew I was going to cosmetology school since 3rd […] Read more


Jessica Morlan

Cosmetology Educator – Iowa Hello! I’m Jessica Morlan and I’ve been a part of the beauty industry for 8 years. Something that I’m passionate about is sharing my knowledge that I learned over the years in the salon to educate our new and upcoming stylists. My favorite aspect of cosmetology is haircutting and being able […] Read more

Stephanie Kundinger

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Minnesota Cosmetology and business are my life. Rising into the education field from a very successful salon life, I can give fresh ideas and inspiration. My favorite elements of this industry are absolutely customer service, product knowledge, and creating unstoppable systems for business success. Anybody that knows me, knows I’m a […] Read more


Alicia Mass

Guest Services and Licensed Cosmetology and Esthetics Educator  – Iowa Hi! I’m Alicia. I’ve been in the industry for eight years and an educator for two. In eighth grade, I attended a career fair and decided I wanted to be a cosmetologist. I am a PCI Academy alumnus, dual-licensed in esthetics and cosmetology. PCI gave me […] Read more


Mary Boots

Licensed Massage Educator – Iowa I am a licensed massage educator, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I have been a part of the industry for 17 years. My favorite part of educating is seeing my students meet their own goals through massage services and knowing that I was a part of the process. Another rewarding […] Read more

Emily Cupp

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Minnesota I had basically given up on my dream career of being a cosmetologist and a cosmetology educator, with little to no belief in myself. But, through a series of life changes, I came in contact with someone who shared their belief in me. I went back, I grabbed hold of […] Read more


Ashley Lograsso

Admissions Counselor and Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa I am a 2010 graduate of PCI Academy at our Ames, IA location. After spending 3 years working behind the chair in a Summit Salon, I returned to PCI Academy to pursue the education side of the industry. I have worked in guest services, as an educator, […] Read more

Layna Robb

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa I have been in the industry since 2006, and have been with PCI Academy since December of 2015. I am in love with being an educator. My goal is to build the skills and passion of my students that it takes to have a long and successful career in the […] Read more

Amy Heaberlin

Licensed Massage Educator – Iowa Growing up I would give my mother massages. She is my biggest support and the reason I pursued massage. In 2009, I came to PCI Academy and fell in love with massage therapy right away.  I have always had the initiative of eventually becoming an educator. In 2015, I went back […] Read more

Kayla Dunn

Licensed Esthetics Educator – Iowa I decided to become a part of this industry because I wanted to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. I love all aspects of being an esthetician. Skin services and treatments give instantaneous results, the feeling of a job well done, and allow me to improve someone’s day. I knew […] Read more

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