Meet the PCI Team (IA)

Linda Lohman

Licensed Cosmetology Educator and Inventory Manager – Iowa Meet Linda Lohman, Shareholder and Inventory Supervisor. Linda graduated from PCI Academy in 1994. Shortly after graduating Linda found her salon “home” at Finesse Salon and Spa where she has been an owner for over a decade. Linda is also a partner here at PCI Academy and […] Read more

Stacia Sothman

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa Meet Stacia Sothman, Cosmetology Educator. Stacia is a licensed cosmetologist and educator who has been creating excellent salon experiences for her guests since 2013. Her special skills include advanced curly haircutting, advanced men’s cutting, advanced styling and up styling, advanced color and color science. Read more

Zane Dreesman

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa Meet Zane Dreesman, Cosmetology Educator. Zane joined the beauty industry at just 17 years old. After graduating from PCI Academy he enjoyed a great career behind the chair before he came back to join the team as an educator in January 2017. Zane currently teaches in the student salon, the […] Read more

Angie Torgeson

President – Iowa and Minnesota Meet Angie Torgeson, Majority Shareholder and President of PCI Academy. Angie has been blessed to be in our industry for over 30 years. She became a cosmetologist because she wanted to have fun AND make a difference. Angie is proud to say she is a graduate of PCI Academy. After […] Read more

Brady Snider

Admissions Director and Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa and Minnesota Meet Brady Snider, Shareholder and Director of Admissions. Brady has been a part of the beauty industry since 2000 and it all started at PCI Academy. Brady’s favorite element of her position is adding value to the lives of students and staff daily. She helps students […] Read more

Michelle Duncan

Compliance Officer – Iowa and Minnesota Meet Michelle Duncan, Shareholder and Compliance Officer. Michelle is a proud graduate of PCI Academy. She has traveled the country learning the latest trend and techniques to bring back to our students, including training from industry greats like Sam Villa, Martin Parsons and Deb McCann. Michelle is both #redkendesigncertifiedand #redkencolorcertified which is […] Read more

Marcella Richardson

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa Meet Marcella Richardson, Cosmetology Educator. Marcella was licensed as a cosmetologist in 1982. She has been a Redken Brand Educator since 1994 and an educator at PCI Academy since 2014. Marcella is our Lead Salon Area Educator and coaches the Lime Team. Read more

Sarah Sahl

Digital Marketing Specialist – Iowa and Minnesota Meet Sarah Sahl, Digital Marketer and Educator. Sarah has been part of the PCI Academy family since 2003 including eight years as an educator. She spent 5 years behind the chair before moving to Nashville, TN to pursue a career in education in the beauty industry. Her love […] Read more

Ronda Bayliss Ott

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa Meet Ronda Ott, Cosmetology Educator. Ronda is a PCI Academy graduate and has been back as a team member since 2019. Ronda is always attending some type of educational event which has earned her many certifications including: #redkencolorcertifed , #redkendesigncertified and CND Grand Master. Ronda is our primary Fundamentals Educator in cosmetology and gives […] Read more

Alicia Crall

Admissions Advisor and Licensed Cosmetology and Esthetics Educator  – Iowa Meet Alicia Crall, Admissions Counselor. Alicia is a licensed cosmetologist, licensed esthetician and a licensed educator making her a triple threat. Alicia has been in the industry since 2008 and a PCI Academy alumna. PCI gave Alicia the tools needed to secure a job at a […] Read more

Mary Boots

Licensed Massage Educator – Iowa Meet Mary Boots, Massage Therapy Educator. Mary Boots, what can we say about Mary Boots that hasn’t already been said :)? All kidding aside Mary has been a fundamental part of our massage therapy program since 2002. She loves helping people live their dream and views each new class as […] Read more

Amy Heaberlin

Licensed Massage Educator – Iowa Meet Amy Hearberlin, Massage Educator. Amy grew up giving her mother massages and came to PCI Academy in 2009. Amy always had the intention of eventually becoming an educator because of her passion to learn, to grow and to serve others. Read more

Steph Reasland

Financial Aid Director – Iowa and Minnesota Meet Steph Reasland, Shareholder and Financial Aid Director. Steph has been in the industry directly for the since 2012 but indirectly involved her entire life as she grew up around it. She is not the typical creative artist so many of her team members are; loves numbers and […] Read more

Megan Sullivan

Licensed Cosmetology Educator – Iowa Meet Megan Sullivan, Cosmetology Educator. Megan is a PCI Academy graduate and loves the culture here at PCI Academy that she couldn’t bring herself to truly leave. After graduation Megan worked behind the chair while also working with PCI on the guest services team. As an educator now Megan still […] Read more

Learn Earn Lead

Tired of your aches and pains? Come on in to our A Tired of your aches and pains? Come on in to our Ames campus! Openings today for massage and other spa enhancements. Let our students utilize their amazing massage skills while you relax 🧖🏼‍♀️. . . Call to book your appointment today ☎️ •
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Tired of your aches and pains? Come on in to our Ames campus! Openings today for massage and other spa enhancements. Let our students utilize their amazing massage skills while you relax 🧖🏼‍♀️. . . Call to book your appointment today ☎️ •

#massage #iowastateuniversity #iowa #massagetherapy #iowastatecyclones #college #openings #desmoines #desmoineshairstylist #massagetherapy #winterhacks #beautybloggers #beautyinfluencer

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